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Arpeco machines are built to keep on running. But occasionally you may need spare parts or technical assistance and when that is the case, we are here to help. We maintain records for each machine and can quickly assist you with troubleshooting and determining your parts requirements. We stock an extensive spare parts inventory and we can often ship parts the same day.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of commonly requested parts with associated part numbers. For pricing and availability, contact us today!

Standard Tracker
AR-0907084     Fiber gear for standard Tracker draw roll (40 tooth, 3/8 inch wide)
AR-1307-51-1     2 inch nip roller assembly for 13 inch standard Tracker. Comes with gear and bearings installed.
P22331-001     1 ea motor brush for 3hp DC motor (1987 and later). 2 per motor required.
AR-1398-273-S     Retrofit counter assembly. Provides inch count, preset slowdown, preset stop.
AR-1307154     Fiber gear for Premier Nip roller (40 tooth, 3/4 inch wide)
AR-1307-104     3 inch nip roller assembly for 13 inch Premier. Comes with gear and bearings installed.
AR-S28020     Nip roller latch
AR-S19142     1 ea standard friction puck for rewind clutch. 4 per clutch required.
Any Machine
AR-0918001     Slitter blade, male, beveled edge
AR-0918005     Slitter blade, female, squared edge
AR-S27002     Bladder, latex, 1/2 x 5/8 inch or 12.5 x 16mm. Used on splicing clamps, arbor shafts
without bladder rod
AR-S27051     Bladder, Latex, 3/4 x 1 inch or 19 x 25mm. Used on arbor shafts with bladder rod assembly.
AR-S27004     Nylon cord - used for tying bladders