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Interested in retrofitting or rebuilding existing Rotoflex installations with the latest technology advancements?

Rest assured - our Retrofits & Upgrades team is available to add application capability, capacity, or other technology to your existing Rotoflex and Arpeco machines.

Some available enhancements include:

  • Genesis retrofit package
  • C3/C35/C5 retrofit package
  • URC retrofit package
  • automatic tension control system
  • shear knife, crush knife, or razor slitting unit
  • waste wind up
  • ironing roller
  • secure counting and missing label detection system
  • automatic label inspection system using vision systems with optional “print, barcode, braille, 2D-code inspection” OCR, .pdf to print, variable data inspection and extensive reporting modules

Learn more about our retrofit packages This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.