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Rotoflex Security Series

The Rotoflex Security Series brings the latest advancements in stringent label inspection and finishing. The fully integrated modules seamlessly integrate into the Rotoflex VSIHSI and VLI product lines, either as a new equipment option or as a retrofit to existing installations, enabling customers to configure their finishing solution to meet the ever-increasing requirements of pharmaceutical compliance and high security packaging.

Dependent on vision system and selected slitting platform (VSIHSI or VLI product lines)

Key Benefits
Single pass capability (re-inspection after fault correction prior to printing/finishing)
Detects missing labels, remaining matrix, splices, flags, spots, fading and missing colour, text defects and registration
Log reports for audit tracking
1D and 2D barcode reading, barcode grading, OCR, braille
Biometric (fingerprint) authentication
Integrated inkjet and bar coding
Integrated inkjet and bar coding
Label remover for trailer and leader
RMS remote management system for production and quality data collection
Remote diagnostics – internet connection required
Core label printing systems
Full unsupported film packages
Cartridge slitting options
Multiple unwind and rewind options

Ask your Rotoflex representative about all available options and custom configurations

  • Film
  • Film Labels
  • Foil
  • Light Carton
  • Paper Labels
  • Specialty
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  • Enhancements
    • MAX specialists have designed press enhancing options to fulfill most any printing or converting requirement.
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  • Performance Maximization
    • MAX technicians will fully analyze and repair outstanding issues, as well as look for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency.
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  • Parts
    • In addition to providing genuine OEM parts, MAX offers stocking advice and specific product knowledge not available from other parts suppliers.
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  • Tech Service
    • MAX provides 24-7-365 phone support, on-site technician visits and remote diagnostics capabilities.
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  • Additional Services
    • Find out more about training opportunities, press moves, replacement UV bulb availability and MAX consumables including grease and oil.
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