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Unique to the Rotoflex product line, URC 2.0 is a proprietary control system with advanced capabilities

Designed for the operator with simple menus and an intuitive interface, operators can monitor all functions from a single screen. Job set up is quick and with the robust job save/load capability, job-related details are able to be stored and easily recalled for repeat runs. The high-security counter with built-in missing label detection gives maximum label count accuracy, and label length count measurements are precise with the error-free shaft encoder interface. Extremely versatile, the system recognizes a wide range of materials, including clear labels with a printed mark.

Rotoflex biometric recognition

Biometric recognition on Rotoflex
finishing solutions provides easier 
operator access and more precise
tracking for security-sensitive applications

An additional enhancement to the user friendliness of the URC 2.0 control system is the implementation of biometric recognition. Operators can bypass usernames and passwords by logging into the equipment using their fingerprint. This translates not only to operators, anyone else who may need to access the system including production supervisors, maintenance technicians, etc. Updating the system by adding or deleting users is simple and when used in conjunction with the Rotoflex exclusive Report Management System (RMS), tracking performance by shift or operator is convenient.  

Report Management System allows data and system details from multiple finishing machines to be collected in a single location, which can easily be accessed remotely by the production manager or supervisor. Reports can be easily generated and accessed, giving the production team an opportunity to analyze machine performance over time as well as compare outputs of multiple machines. With the simple implementation of a wireless router, this information can be delivered and shared, in real time, allowing supervisors to have access to machine information at the touch of a button.  

The system is designed to easily integrate with third-party peripherals and Vision systems and its modular design allows for future updates based on customer requirements.

Rotoflex URC 2.0 can be installed with minimal modification to provide maximum results and is available to replace a variety of legacy systems including:

  • Rotoflex C3, C5, C35, URC, Genesis, MMLD
  • Arpeco 113, 115, 600, 800